High level of expertise for a wide range of treatments

Dr. Olischar’s range of services is broad. He offers special expertise for complex injuries and complaints of the lower extremities and spine. In addition to non-surgical therapies and surgical interventions, his services also include maximum service convenience: organization of remedial aids, operations, rehabilitation, and follow-up treatments are just a few examples. This convenience allows you to concentrate on what’s important: Your successful healing process.

Offer at a glance

Mother Child Passport Examination

Orthopedic examination in the 4th-7th week of life and hip ultrasound examination according to Graf in the 1st and 6th-8th week of life.

Conservative therapies

Focus on natural methods, physical therapy, shock wave therapy, ACP autologous blood therapy, pain management, targeted medication.

Surgical therapies (surgical interventions)

Specialization in endoprosthetics and arthroscopy (shoulder, hip, knee, foot)

Treatment areas – examinations

Innovative medical technology

Shock wave therapy, ultrasound and C-arm (X-ray machine)

Service comfort

  • Remedies
  • Bandagist (on site if needed)
  • Operations: Organization, rehabilitation, aftercare
  • Physiotherapeutic support before and after surgical intervention
  • Care during conservative therapy